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Countdown to Ordination: Day 75

Everyone is probably tired out from reading Scripture today. If you had a solemn procession for Palm Sunday, you heard two Gospels. So I’ll go light on the meditation this evening.

Consider this in reading of the Gospel according to Matthew: Chapter 15, today: So many of those who cried out Hosanna in the highest on Sunday as Jesus entered Jerusalem where the same folks who cried out “crucify Him” only five days later. What happened? That’s a quicker turn around that Miley Cyrus fans!

The difference is, though, if I can make a comparison: Miley Cyrus suddenly changed from what she was. But Jesus, in speaking to the crowds throughout that great and holy week showed the people of Jerusalem who He truly was and what was his teaching. But they didn’t want teaching, they wanted miracles, healings, and cool tricks. Thanks Jesus, but you can leave the conversion on the side.

Brothers and Sisters, let’s consider how well we’ve lived this Lent. Have we only observed or lenten penances strictly like the Pharisees would want us? Or have we used or Lenten penances as an opportunity to grow closer to our Lord and closer to our neighbors, even our enemies through external acts or deprivations? If we haven’t been too faithful or consistent, let’s make a real push during this last week so that our blessed Lord never says to us “Why do you transgress the commandment of God for your tradition?”

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